Get ready to level up your agile coaching

Agile Coaching Lab

An intensive 9-weeks program for agile coaches, scrum masters and leaders who want to level up and lead.

Agile Coaching Lab is a unique training course. It is a platform for your change and growth. It’s an experience for the participants who want to discover the depth of agile coaching, scrum mastery and leadership.

During the 9 weeks, you will explore the core competencies of agile coaching, dive into the practice of self-reflection and learn from the constant feedback. By the end of the program, you will have increased your confidence and found your higher potential.

Next cohort is starting in July 2024 with early bird prices available now!
You can sign up here.

How does it work?

Agile Coaching Lab is designed around 3 main ingredients:

Group Work

Group work

You and the other members of the cohort will work as a group and learn from each other, practice and build a support network.


1:1 mentoring

You will have access to 1:1 mentoring and coaching sessions where you can explore your day to day challenges and find new ways of looking at them


Constant feedback

Feedback is built in every aspect of the Agile Coaching Lab program. You will receive feedback every week and will be asked to provide feedback for others.


This Lab was an excellent and amazing experience for me. At all levels, I have to say. The course content, interactions, and way of conducting that - all is perfect but the best is the course design. It will encourage you to go out of your comfort zone, learn a lot of things very effectively and interact with people in many ways. For anyone who is considering that - GO FOR IT! It is the best Agile experience that you can have!
Peter Pierzynski
Scrum Master
The course and it's material really is unlike anything I have ever come across before. I would recommend it for not only agile coaches but those in agile adjacent roles too. The course covers skills that are just necessary to work in agile environments these days no matter your role.
Kelly Turner
Program Manager
It's been an incredible journey being part of Agile Coaching Lab, it's a very well designed course and Jakub is just amazing. I highly recommend this course!
Sonali Chauhan
Agile Coach
I feel significantly advantaged to be part of Agile Coaching Lab and the amount of new information I acquired. I feel very confident and empowered in the knowledge that I had been equipped with all the skills required to be a great Agile coach.
Alex Coaton
Agile Practitioner and Game Developer
I’m not the same person I was 8 weeks ago. I’ve been introduced to new ideas, tools and techniques pertaining to — Facilitation, Training, Teaching, Coaching, Feedback, Leadership styles, Org types, Human behaviour, etc. The course material is really good — informative and thought provoking.
Gita Chilluvuri
Agile Project Manager
It is an amazing journey of 8 weeks with wonderful 8 cohort members. They are all positive, energetic, and open-minded so the journey was motivated and successful. Jakub's facilitation was simply superb!!!
Rojaa Matlakunta
Scrum Master
I am extremely grateful for the nine weeks that we spent on your course and I really do look forward to applying the coaching techniques to my new team. And I'm sure that I will be constantly referring to your classroom coursework links and my handwritten notes for the foreseeable future!
Andy Robilliard
Producer and Creative Project Manager
The best thing I did this year was signup to Jakub’s Agile Coaching Lab in my extremely limited spare time. I invested in myself and carved out time to learn and grow with 6 other cohort members.
It’s simply phenomenal the growth and confidence Jakub has supported in me.
Jessica Painter
Programme Manager, Air New Zealand
One of the best decisions of my life to give this cohort a go. It was an amazing and intensive 9 weeks of learning and growing with like minded individuals. I learnt about new tools and techniques of running remote workshops which helped me a lot during lockdown. I also learnt about new coaching and mentoring techniques and got to practise with my learning buddies. Homework and assignments helped me to explore the topics further. This learning cohort has increased my confidence levels and have applied all this knowledge in my work.
Hina Makanjee
Scrum Master, Auckland University of Technology
Getting a mentor is difficult, to find a mentor that is actually invested in your development, well you’ve hit the jackpot! I am extremely fortunate to have come across Jakub and to have had the opportunity to be mentored by him.
Wei Hsiao
Agile Coach, New Zealand Post
As an agile coach, you look for those around you that both inspire and challenge you to grow. I was fortunate to be able to work along side Jakub at AirNZ and he did both for me. Reflecting back on our time, it feels like I had 5 years of learning condensed into one year, Jakub is an encyclopaedia of knowledge and is always willing to share. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Jakub, he has made me a better coach and if you get the chance I would count yourself lucky.
Jerome Solanki
Agile Coach, Spark
Having worked with Jakub, I have seen him in many situations when he has truly modeled agile and growth mindset. He challenges himself and others around him in a way which is motivating and gives opportunities to learn. He always happily shares his knowledge and experience and puts bounds of energy to build agile community and create opportunities for others to grow. I have seen many teams and colleagues benefit from Jakub's experience and great attitude.
Graz Kania-Knight
Head of Digital Transformation, Solar Zero