Agile Coaching Lab Collective yesAQ

This is an alternative to the FAQ… It’s called a YesAQ. The answer to every question below is YES.
The YesAQ was inspired by the altMBA and they were inspired by the team at Basecamp

YES for this document

  • Does this document provide the basic expectation of how the Agile Coaching Lab Collective is designed to work?
  • Is this a living document that will keep evolving?
  • Can I suggest changes to this document (in the #collective-improvement-ideas channel on Slack)?

YES for being part of the community

  • Is this community focused on growth and learning?
  • Is sharing knowledge freely one of the goals of this community?
  • Do we make each other awesome in this community?
  • Can I openly ask my questions in the Agile Coaching Lab Collective community?
  • Are all questions allowed in this community, even those that may seem stupid to me?
  • Can I provide help and support to other members of the community?
  • Can I suggest new activities for the community?
  • Can I make mistakes in this community?

YES for being part of the Slack workspace

  • Can I start new conversations?
  • Can I add emojis to messages?
  • Can I comment on the conversations started by others?

YES before joining an event

  • Can I join any event that is run as part of Agile Coaching Lab Collective?
  • Are all the events FREE for the members of the Collective?
  • Do I need to use Humanitix to RSVP to a session?
  • Are some of our events available for the people outside of the Collective for a price of $25 per ticket?

YES during an event

  • Can I join a Collective event if I have no experience in the topic of the event?
  • Can I expect other people to be open-minded, keen to learn and respectful?
  • Can other people expect me to be open-minded, keen to learn and respectful?
  • Will people with different experience levels be at the session?
  • Will I be responsible for my own learning during the session?

YES after an event

  • Can I watch the recording of an event if I could not join it?
  • Can we continue discussion about an event on our Slack?
  • Can I provide feedback for an event in the #collective-improvement-ideas channel?

YES for hosting an event/session?

  • Can I host an event in this community?
  • Can I host a new event even if I haven’t hosted a session before?
  • Can I host an event even if I am new to the topic of agility and agile coaching?
  • Can more than one person host an event together?
  • Can I use Slack to find people who would like to help me host and/or facilitate an event?
  • Should I assume that whoever comes to my event are the right people?