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Jakub Jurkiewicz

Currently, a CTO, previously an agile practice lead and agile coach, participated in his first standup in 2005 and facilitated his first retrospective in 2007. Previously a software developer, team leader, scrum master and agile consultant. He took his first Agile Coaching position in 2013 and failed miserably. From that moment he has been exploring the craft of agile coaching and leadership.

Jakub has worked in a startup where agility and change were harnessed every day and in big corporations where people were afraid to mention their ideas. He learned that only through collaboration, openness and trust one can build a successful environment for change, grow and innovation. Jakub gained a PhD degree from his research on bringing agility and automation to requirements analysis. He continues his research as a Research Product Owner at the Business Agility Institute. 

Jakub is one of many co-leaders and co-facilitators of Auckland Agile Coaching where coaches have space to hone their craft, build new skills and get support. He also designed a number of agile trainings, including ICAgile Agile Coaching, Agile Fundamentals and Agile Team Facilitator. He hosted and facilitated Agile Coach Camps, Product Tank Unconference and Global Code Retreats, with next events already being planned.

Jakub has spoken at a number of conferences including Adaptive NZ 2023, Agile on the Beach NZ 2019, 2020 and 2003, Agile NZ 2017, GeeCon 2014, EmpiRE 2012, BIS 2007, Agile 2021,  Agile India 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Jakub’s full LinkedIn profile can be found here.

Jakub is the designer of and a trainer in the Agile Coaching Lab program.

Feedback and recommendations

As an agile coach, you look for those around you that both inspire and challenge you to grow. I was fortunate to be able to work along side Jakub at AirNZ and he did both for me. Reflecting back on our time, it feels like I had 5 years of learning condensed into one year, Jakub is an encyclopaedia of knowledge and is always willing to share. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Jakub, he has made me a better coach and if you get the chance I would count yourself lucky.
Jerome Solanki
Agile Coach, Spark
Having worked with Jakub, I have seen him in many situations when he has truly modeled agile and growth mindset. He challenges himself and others around him in a way which is motivating and gives opportunities to learn. He always happily shares his knowledge and experience and puts bounds of energy to build agile community and create opportunities for others to grow. I have seen many teams and colleagues benefit from Jakub's experience and great attitude.
Graz Kania-Knight
Agile Coach, Vodafone
Getting a mentor is difficult, to find a mentor that is actually invested in your development, well you’ve hit the jackpot! I am extremely fortunate to have come across Jakub and to have had the opportunity to be mentored by him.
Wei Hsiao
Agile Coach NZ Post
I feel grateful to have found you in this organisation!
Lisa Daniel
Head of Sustainability,
Air New Zealand
His enthusiasm in Agile impressed me significantly and he was one of the most experienced Agilist I had a chance to work with. Jakub was great at helping people to achieve their own potential, and that’s extremely important (...)
Tony Liu
Engineer, Gentrack
My most memorable moment would have to be completely re-imagining an agile retrospective to get participants engaged and talking. This was just one of the ways in which Jakub has shown unique approach to a common task, to improve results.
Cole Diffin
Practice Lead, Spidertracks
The best thing I did this year was signup to Jakub’s Agile Coaching Lab in my extremely limited spare time. I invested in myself and carved out time to learn and grow with 6 other cohort members.
It’s simply phenomenal the growth and confidence Jakub has supported in me.
Jessica Painter
Programme Manager at Air New Zealand
I just wanted to share my feelings with you regarding the Agile Coaching Lab. It's such a huge opportunity to learn and feel liberated 😊 Everyday through pre work and all, I'm exposing myself to things otherwise I might not have.
Hina Makanjee
Scrum Master, Auckland University of Technology
Jakub is one of the best teachers i've ever met. He is always well prepared, his knowledge is impressive. He likes what he's doing and he tries to make every student understand topic of the classes. What makes him oustanding is his ability to gain relationship with every student. Jakub has so much enthusiasm, that students try to give as much as they can every time they have classes with him
Piotr Starobrat
Head of Bioinformatics, GetXone