Frequently Asked Questions

Agile Coaching Lab (ACLab) is an intensive, 9-weeks workshop designed by Jakub Jurkiewicz for agile coaches, scrum masters and leaders who want to level up and lead.

You can find the program specifics here.

Early bird price available until August 30th, 2023

Application deadline: September 29th, 2023

Start of the program: October 2nd, 2023 

End of the program: December 1st, 2023

The program consists of weekly group sessions (either in person or via Zoom). The sessions happen on Tuesday evenings.

On top of that, every week will be filled with homework, self-reflection and creation of an artefact you can get feedback on. 

Every week you will receive feedback from fellow cohort members and from Jakub.

Unlike traditional compliance-based education, our curriculum is hands-on. More than 90% of your time is spent in doing activities, producing work and collaborating. This means that you’ll learn concepts and immediately put them into action. The work involves shipping your responses to assignments, getting feedback from peers, providing constructive criticism, and publishing your work.

Most of our students have full-time jobs or busy contracting schedules. We’ve created an intensive timeline that is designed to stretch you. But it will still be manageable given your real-life responsibilities and you’ll be surrounded by a community that is truly passionate about learning and growing their skills.

We’re seeking people of all ages, from all backgrounds, who share a desire to level up their agile coaching and scrum mastery skills. We believe that every person we admit to the program will enhance the experience and collective knowledge of the cohort.

We make the acceptance decision based on your experience in the agile coaching or scrum master role, your open-mindedness and willingness to put in the effort to level up.

It’s an investment of $1999 NZD (with super early bird price of $1699, and early bird of $1799) investment into your development and your future. And it’s not just the money, it’s the time you’ll be spending as well.

Agile Coaching Lab also requires a significant amount of commitment from you. And we know that the higher the stakes the more commitment there is.

If the cost is to much for you, we totally get it. You may consider asking your employer for investing in you. After all, the cost of ACLab is much less than a standard agile coaching training with much more time to practice.

There is also payment plan available. Reach out to us and we can make it work for you.

Yes. We love to see groups enrol!

If you enrol a group of two or more we offer a discount. Get in touch using this contact form and we’ll get you sorted out.

Yes, we are able to split your payment into 2, 4 or even 6 separate payments. This can be agreed before the program starts. 

Reach out to us and we can make it work.

ACLab is a mutual commitment. We commit to welcoming you into a small, focused cohort, and doing everything we can to deliver on the promises of the program. In return, we ask you to commit to spending the time, money and passion it takes to level up, at the same time you contribute to others in the workshops.

We understand that “life happens” so we’ve tried to create a refund policy that respects you, our students and our mutual commitments.

If you withdraw before the program starts you will be charged 100 nzd.

If you withdraw during the program we won’t be able to refund you. We may be able to transfer you to the next cohort.

If, in the opinion of your coach and cohort members, you’re not contributing to the program and to the cohort, we’ll let you know and you will have a chance to step up. If you’re still not able to actively participate, we’ll ask you to withdraw from the program. In this situation, no refund is possible, and we’ll donate half your tuition to a charity of our choice. This situation has never happened though.

At this moment we accept only bank transfer.

Yes, you will receive an invoice. 

We are not GST registered so your invoice won’t include GST.

ACLab is an intense program. The program takes 9 weeks in total.

Every Tuesday evening there will be hour and a half group session.

You should also reserve about 4-5 hours a week for your homework tasks and for giving feedback for other cohort members.

Altogether you need to invest up to 45-60 hours across the 9 weeks of the program.

The group sessions will happen in the evenings New Zealand time. This means evenings in Australia, afternoons in Asia and mornings in Europe.

Initial plan is to start the classes on Tuesdays at 6:30pm New Zealand time, however, specific timings will be agreed with the cohort members.

The timings of the 1:1 sessions will be agreed with every cohort member individually.

This is an intense program that will require your focus and attendance. Other cohort members will count on you and every other student to be fully present.

However, we understand that “life happens” and we will accommodate for an odd case of absence.

Yes, we will use Zoom to connect.

The smallest cohort size in 3, the maximum size is 10.

Yes, you will get certificate of attendance.

Every attendee receives a certificate as a PDF, suitable for printing and framing

Proudly, no.

Accreditation makes sense for a certain kind of institution delivering a certain kind of education. But we’re not willing to build a test-and-measure culture, not willing to embrace an ancient-yet-standard curriculum, and mostly, we’re not willing to distrust our students.

We’ll be delighted to offer you a certificate of completion when the program is successfully completed, and even better, we encourage you to find a cohort in the workshop who will personally vouch for your contributions.

We’re delighted to say no. And no grades, either. We feel really strongly that a test-and-measure culture is ruining education.