What is Agile Coaching Lab about?

An intensive 9-weeks program for agile coaches, scrum masters and leaders who want to level up and lead. Agile Coaching Lab is not your typical training course. It is a platform for your change and growth. It’s an experience for the participants who want to discover the depth of agile coaching. During the 9 weeks, you will explore the core competencies of agile coaching, dive into the practice of self-reflection and learn from the constant feedback. By the end of the program, you will have increased your confidence and found your higher potential.

Agile Coaching Lab has been designed and is run by Jakub Jurkiewicz. Learn more about Jakub here.

Examples of the outcomes

Here are some example of tangible outcomes from this training:

  • Reena became a new person after 9 weeks with the Agile Coaching Lab. Read Reena’s reflection HERE.
  • Dan achieved different levels of understanding of agile coaching. Read more about it HERE.
  • Gita has become a different person thanks to the Agile Coaching Lab. HERE is more on that.
  • Jess experiences a phenomenal growth. She talked about it on LinkedIn – read it HERE.
  • Hamid’s confidence and knowledge levels have increased significantly. Read more HERE.
  • For Taimoor it was a transformational on many levels. Read more about it HERE.
  • Edwin even recorded a video to talk about his experience You can watch it HERE.

5 key takeaways from the Agile Coaching Lab

  1. Opportunity to gain real skills that you’ll need to make true change, take action, and move the teams and organisation beyond the perceived limitations.
    Through the Agile Coaching Lab, you’ll learn how to discover limiting beliefs that stop you and your teams from achieving their higher potential.
    You will take your coaching skills to a new level with learning how to ask incisive questions, give and receive feedback, how to lead the change, and how to use empathy to build your culture.
  2. Clarity on the agile coaching role and its part in creating more responsive and humane organisations.
    With the tools, support, and time to make change happen, our cohort members have leveled up in all different directions. The Agile Coaching lab brings clarity to the various dimensions of the agile coaching role. It focuses on different stances that an agile coach can take, making the role much more effective. Through the experience of coaching, our cohort members are able to bring the much-needed awareness to their organisation and help the teams and leaders take the responsibility for change.
  3. Tools to create high-performing teams.
    Throughout the program, our cohort members get to experience the tools and techniques they can directly use with their teams, guiding them to high-performance. From lift-off techniques, through teaching and mentoring, to coaching and facilitation, allowing the teams to take ownership of their performance. The duration of the course allows our participants to try new things in their workplace and get rapid feedback, increasing their impact and improving their learning.
  4. Understanding of the enterprise
    Our program does not stop on the team level. We explore the organisation as a whole, making sure we focus on long-term, sustainable change, leading to business outcomes.
  5. Access to a powerful community.
    The Agile Coaching Lab is also the community of people invested in yours and their growth. This is the support network that you can rely on, ask questions and get the ideas and help you need.

Components of the program

  • Group sessions – the program is designed around weekly evening sessions. In these sessions, we will explore agile coaching topics, play games and learn new tools and techniques.
  • 1:1 mentoring sessions – this will be your chance to talk about your current work challenges and receive advice.
  • Constant feedback – every week will be filled with homework. Sometimes the homework will require individual work, sometimes you will do it in a small group. You will receive plenty of feedback for every task you do.

Topics included in the program

Here are some of the topics included in the program:

  • Identifying the potential for your growth and planning the next steps in your development towards becoming a great agile coach, scrum master and leader.
  • Elements of professional coaching – GROW model, Clean Language, and more.
  • Designing and facilitating coaching contract and coaching alliance.
  • Remote facilitation and coaching techniques.
  • Deep dive into facilitation – managing dysfunctions, facilitation canvas, liberating structures, art of hosting, and more.
  • Techniques for effective teaching – training from the back of the room, action learning, and more.
  • Enablers for high-performing teams.
  • Psychological safety – what it is and how to achieve it with your teams.
  • Tools and techniques for starting new teams.
  • Complexity and system thinking – understanding the complexity of every organisation
  • Enterprise agility – culture, Agile HR, and more.
  • Techniques for giving and receiving feedback.

Cost of program

The tuition for the upcoming edition of the program is $1800 nzd. 
Special early bird price of $1500 nzd if offered for anyone who signs up by the end of November 2021.

Your company may offer reimbursement, ask your manager or your HR person.
If payment is a problem, please get in touch and we can find a way to help you participate.

The cost includes group sessions, 1:1 mentoring, and constant feedback. We believe that this is the only way you can truly discover the craft of agile coaching and achieve your high potential. 

Unlike a typical training course that costs over 2500 nzd, where you spend two or three days in a classroom, ACLab focuses on a longer-term learning, where you have time to reflect and apply the new skills in real-life situations. Altogether, ACLab provides up to 60 hours or learning (spent in the sessions, doing your tasks and collaborating with others)


The next cohort is planned to start in mid February 2022. 

Early bird price deadline: November 30th 2021.
Application deadline: February 11th 2022
Tuition due: February 13th 2022.
Start of the program: February 15th 2022
End of the program: April 15th 2022
Week break: March  14th – March 20th 2022


Check out our FAQ to find answers to your questions. You can also get in touch with us.